Golem Theatre

Golem Theatre is the only professional theater company in Hungary specialized in plays that grab different aspects of Jewish culture. We started our co-operation in the Public Relations of a play written based on Etgar Keret’s short story collection with the title “A Trükk”. This exercise was followed by the project Scorn (Lefitymálva). The latter was written by Andras Vinnai, one of Hungary’s daredevil playwrights. The play challenged traditional stereotypes towards Jewish people and towards non-Jewish people and aimed to tear down tabu themes in front of the audience. The campaign planning and public relations of this sensitive theme had to be carefully planned and managed. We ended up with a broad range of publicity ranging from the Jewish media to the medium of Hungary’s notorious far-right as well as lots of articles in the mainstream. Our objective was to dislocate the discourse from its usual place and challenge stereotypes. Photos of Scorn: Gabor Garamvari